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Elderly Care Services Myrtia in Thermi - Thessaloniki

The multidisciplinary of special care unit for the elderly , Myrtia in Thermi Thessaloniki (medical care , physiotherapy, psychologistis , social workers) has planned special individual programs for maintainance and improvement of the health and quality of our customers’life.

Dostors of the main specialties (pathologists, neurologists , cardiologists) always cooperate with their relatives and tenants’ personal physicians and take care of the drug treatment and their diet.

Physiotherapy programs are applied in our health club with the aim the best bodily function and autonomy of our clients.

The section psychological support performs targeted activities for the adjustment of the elderly in the new environment

With the purpose to maintain and improve mental health

Comfortable and pleasant living in the village.

Our stuff , under the guidance of the heads of unit provides 24-hour service to our residents, sanitation , nursing and feeding.

At the same time maintain the cleanliness of the rooms , accommodation spaces and the clothing of the occupants.

Bus module is available to facilitate the movement of residents.

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